Picketing not radical it’s almost all we have left

Mill Bay – Re; Letter to the editor by Nick Caumanns, Cowichan Valley Citizen Friday, Jan. 24.

You are so obviously over the top “scary” Conservative, spitting nails, and in bullying form. Can’t have your leader looked upon with any criticism. How sad.

You bet he’s “anti-democratic.” When you get rid of our country’s scientists, that is anti-democratic! When you do not give a voice to anyone but yourself and the corporations who are taking over this country, that is anti-democratic.

When the prime minister cherry picks his mostly Conservative forums to speak at across the country, that is anti-democratic! What a joke.

And you say “In a democracy you cannot demand to be heard.” Tell me exactly what a person is to do when the Conservative government just quits listening and only sends out “their” message? By the way, why a private school? Why not one of our struggling public schools? You know, the ones most of our kids go to and only a few of our tax dollars go to! You bet we have the right to picket! You really call this radical? It’s almost all we have left!

D’Arcy Rattray

Mill Bay