Property owner feels singled out by CVRD

Honeymoon Bay – I am writing to you regarding bylaws concerning unsightly properties.

Within Area F, Area I and the Town of Lake Cowichan there are several properties with extensive amounts of what I consider junk. One property in particular looks like a used car lot.

Recently, the CVRD came to me and cited me for not complying with the bylaw concerning unkempt property. My property is an older home and yes, I do have a few vehicles on my property. One of these vehicles is used for my scrap metal business. It is the way I make money for myself. The fence is in a bit of disrepair but again, it is an older home and I do not have the funds to turn it into a white picket fence.

I feel like I am being singled out by the CVRD. They have many more properties in Area F that are far worse than my property. Why is the CVRD not focusing on all of the other issues that have more of an impact on the entire community such as the state of the roads?

I pay my taxes and have been a member of this community for a very long time and do not appreciate being singled out. I have been trying to clean up my property but it never seems good enough for the CVRD. I feel as though I am being harassed. If the CVRD wants to spend some money to get it done faster, then let them have at it.

Anthony Goldsmith

Honeymoon Bay