Public works crews work many invisible hours

Duncan – Dear Mr. Sawchuk re: letter to the editor Dec. 11 I am not sure if you make it a habit of following around the public works crews, I am sure that you could use your time more wisely.

But if that is all that you have to occupy your time you may want to “shadow” them for more than a 35-minute coffee break that you write about. Then you may have more information to base your accusations and suggestions about contracting out this work.

You would see that there are many days when these crews don’t even get a break due to

emergency situations that arise, or when they come out to calls in the middle of the night to ensure that the citizens have safe roads to travel on or water to drink and shower with.

I am assuming that you as well were in A&W on Friday, Dec. 6. Did it occur to you to ask the crew why they were there so long or what they were doing that day? I am sure that if you took the same amount of time to talk to these guys as you did to write this letter that you would know they had just finished fixing one water break and were grabbing a coffee and trying to warm up from the -10 C weather before they moved on to the next water break, and based on the timeline they were not there for 35 minutes, but yes perhaps longer than the 10-minute break they are allowed.

You may also have an opportunity to see all the good that these crews do with the limited resources available to them to make the City of Duncan a better place to live.

Lisa Closson