RV owners not contaminating the lake

Ladysmith – Re: Water quality matters… keep sewage out of the lake; May 8, 2015 The writer refers to the Nantree/Peri Road area of 35 lots where 25 lots have been used seasonally either with cottages or RVs for over 50 years. There is good reason for that as the area is in the flood plain and traditional septic field systems often flood in the winter. Only 10 residences were built with septic systems, which by today’s standards would not be approved.

A group of owners, in consultation with the CVRD, has asked that seasonal recreational use be recognized through a zoning or amendment process currently underway.

There is no evidence that seasonal owners are damaging the shore, the lake or drinking water any more than residential owners with outdated septic systems. RVs do have holding tanks and while pit toilets are not the most elegant way to handle sewage, they have existed for thousands of years. Properly constructed, according to established guidelines, they are an effective means of waste disposal and indeed are in common use around the lake on private property, regional parks, forestry campsites and provincial parks.

The suggestion that we are willingly contaminating the land, the lake shore and the lake

is ridiculous. We do, after all, bring our children and grandchildren to our cottages and RV sites. We are as respectful of the environment and nature’s beauty as anyone, perhaps more so, as that is one of the reasons we come to the lake.

The Nantree/Peri neighbourhood is a relatively pristine area of forest and natural flora. The alternative development of 25 lots and construction of residential housing with sewage treatment plants would have a far greater effect on the environment and the riparian ecosystem than cottages and RVs used for three or four months of the year.

Chris Fritsch