Logging on the slope above Youbou has been officially put off for at least 25 years. (Submitted by Karen Deck)

Logging on the slope above Youbou has been officially put off for at least 25 years. (Submitted by Karen Deck)

Save Our Holmes Society ‘still processing’ big win

Mosaic has deferred logging on 40,000 hectares of forest

Save Our Holmes president Karen Deck says she’s now received confirmation that Mosaic has deferred a very large area of Mounts Holmes and Mount Good from logging.

“The area in green [on the photo] will not be logged for the next 25 years and possibly longer,” Deck said. “Needless to say, we are over the moon about the news and happy for the forest, the watersheds, the residents and the wildlife.”

Members of the Save Our Holmes Society, which was formed to stand in opposition of logging on Mount Holmes and Mount Good above the communities of Youbou and Meade Creek, didn’t want to celebrate until they knew for sure the land they’d been fighting for was confirmed safe. They got that assurance last week.

After years of hard work to protect the slopes above Youbou, Deck said the Society is “still processing” the announcement.

“I couldn’t sleep at all last night,” she said, following Mosaic’s open house in Duncan on April 26.

During that open house Mosaic also confirmed they would still be going ahead with logging four blocks that they’d previously announced.

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In a March 25 news release, Mosaic declared it’s intention to defer 40,000 hectares (400 square kilometres) of its old growth and older second-growth forests from logging for the next 25 years through a carbon credit program.

“We’ve lost a lot of important old-growth on Mosaic lands over the years but this new initiative brings a vital pause for the remaining stands while we continue to secure a permanent legislated solution via potential Indigenous Protected Areas and other initiatives,” said Ancient Forest Alliance co-founder TJ Watt. “For now, the 25 year deferral period lets us and many others breathe a huge sigh of relief that these incredible forests won’t be cut.


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