Septic fields don’t make soil dumping okay

Shawnigan Lake – In response to Mr. Brackenbury’s letter and comments re: Shawnigan Lake septic and the Shawnigan Residents Association, nobody denies that some septic fields leak, but that is in the purview of Health agencies.

The association is strictly volunteer, with no legal powers. Its budget comes entirely from its members. Campaigns cost money.

As to the SRA feeling they are more qualified than both the Ministry of the Environment, and the Appeal Board, that is not so.

When the association had questions, it hired professional scientists and used contributed professional engineers’ opinions, all of which indicated a serious problem with the SIA plan and chosen dumping site. Ours, and other lawyers, agree that the Appeal Board was wrong which is why the SRA launched a judicial appeal.

The association would be happy to “hound” residents about their septic fields, and would be pleased to use Mr. Brackenbury’s contribution to the association to help pay for that campaign.

Al Brunet

Shawnigan Lake