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Some of the donation should go to public schools

Maple Bay - I recently read that the Shaw family has donated $19 million to Shawnigan Lake private school.

Eleven million dollars for a new library and $8 million to a managed fund to assist students not otherwise able to attend the school.This managed fund will dole out $500,000 per year to assist 20 students per year. I applaud the Shaw family's effort to assist worthy individuals who might not otherwise have the means to receive a private school education.However, I am not as enamoured with the $11 million dollars being donated to the private school for a library. This donation might be better served helping out the majority that attend the public schools.Mr. Shaw, I think you owe it to the people who helped you achieve the wealth you enjoy today and give back to them by supporting our public schools also. There is a great responsibility on those who have been blessed with great wealth to take care of those less fortunate.Karen BelangerMaple Bay