Star Dan Hill stops for concert at Duncan Showroom en route to New York

The famous singer/songwriter was snagged on the way back from the Phillipines for a quick stop in Duncan before he heads to New York.

Dan Hill is appearing tonight (Wednesday, Feb. 22) at the Duncan Showroom.

He’ll be up close and personal in this intimate venue at 8 p.m.

The famous singer/songwriter was snagged on the way back from the PhilipPines for a quick stop in Duncan before he heads to New York.

Because his tour manager/close friend now lives in the Cowichan Valley, he thought this was a great place to stop off for a brief rest while taking advantage of the Showroom to record some of his newest material in a “live” format, capping it off with a public concert in the club Wednesday, according to the venue’s Longevity John Falkner.

“It seemed like a good idea so we all agreed,” he said late last week when he first was presented with the opportunity.

Known worldwide for his song, ‘Sometimes When We Touch’, Hill played the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre a few years ago.

This will be an entirely different experience. The Showroom is small and intimate.

“I’ve been good friends with John Hadfield for 61 years and he’s good friends with [Falkner]. That’s how it got set up,” said Hill.

“It’ll be me going back between guitar and piano and I’ll be telling a lot of stories, too. It’ll be a night of stories and songs,” he said.

Hill has been involved with music for decades and finds he views it differently now than he did at the start.

“It takes more discipline now to sit down and write songs and to continue to keep my voice in great shape and continue to be fluent on the guitar and the piano. I find it’s a bit more work now. But I do love being on stage and I love writing.”

He said he’s interested to watch the influx of new singer/songwriters.

“I’m not sure if they influence me, but they are telling stories and the important thing about a song, in my opinion, is that they tell a really evocative story. It seems that thread has remained throughout the generations of songwriters.

“And the musicians who are younger are so fresh. In the Phillipines, all the musicians were younger than I and I found it really thrilling to share my music with them. It’s wonderful. You go to a restaurant and people will just ask if they can sing with you on the spot. Music is a really big part of their lives.”

Hill is heading back east soon.

“I have to do some shows in New York and then I have to do some forums on mental health and music. There have been a lot of mental health issues in my family and I give talks and I’ve written about it, too.”

So, if you want to hear a legendary singer/songwriter who can also tell a great story, Hill’s show could speak to you.

There are only 60 seats available.

They’re $35 each in advance or $40 at the door if there are any left.