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VIDEO: Liberal Steve Housser accepts defeat in Cowichan Valley

Questions whether he’ll make a third election attempt in riding

The mood became increasingly sombre in Steve Housser’s election night headquarters Tuesday night as it became increasingly obvious that the B.C. Liberal candidate for the Cowichan Valley was not going to win the night.

Housser, who was trying for his second provincial election in a row to win the riding for the Liberals, came third with 7,945 votes after the Green Party’s Sonia Furstenau with 10,669 votes, and the NDP’s Lori Iannidardo who garnered 8,965 votes.

Housser conceded defeat at approximately 10:30 p.m. after it became clear that no turnaround in the polls was going to happen.

“I’m hugely disappointed and it was a hell of a surprise,” Housser said to the packed room, as one supporter sadly commented to him that he was the best candidiate in the riding.

“My disappointment is not only for myself, but for all of you who worked so hard for me. You’re an incredible team who has put in a ton of work and effort.”

Housser was the sole Liberal nominee for the riding and was acclaimed by the party on July 5.

He is the former legislative bureau chief for CBC in Victoria, and currently works for The Nature Trust of British Columbia, which serves to protect important ecosystems and sensitive habitats.

Housser said he hasn’t decided if he’ll try again in the next provincial election.

“Never say never, but it would be my third kick at the can and I’ll be over 70 then.”

Robert Barron

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Since 2016, I've had had the pleasure of working with our dedicated staff and community in the Cowichan Valley.
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