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Waste of taxpayer money present under Peake, too

Re: “Where is the Lake Cowichan town council hiding the money tree?” Citizen, Aug. 8

Whereas I agree with our former mayor and councillor Jack Peake on the waste of taxpayers’ money by the present town council, he conveniently forgot that this waste of taxpayers money commenced under his reign as mayor.  

What else would he call the badly designed median and sidewalk planters on Riverside Drive? No openings were left in the median so the residents, on the river side of the road, now have to drive to the south end of the median and make a U-turn.

I have seen these residents drive on the wrong side of the road to get to their driveway.

Residents with a trailer or motor home probably have to drive south on King George Street, turn left into Wellington Road, right turn onto Riverside drive and then try to get into their driveway.

The other waste, from the same era, is the traffic circle on King George Street and Cowichan Avenue. This traffic circle was constructed to accommodate additional traffic from a proposed new subdivision. The town constructed the circle, but where is the new subdivision?

Traffic density and/or accident frequency should determine whether or not a road improvement is warranted, not vague promises of a developer nor the desire of politicians (council) to leave a legacy.

Hubert Crevels

Lake Cowichan