Are low river levels because of climate change?

Yes, it should be a concern for everyone

Are low river levels because of climate change?

Are low river levels because of climate change?

In a letter John Mowat Stevens has grave concerns of the level of the Cowichan because it is lower than it was last August. (Climate change effect obvious on Cowichan River.)

Yes, it should be a concern for everyone, however, there is a reason for the low winter snow pack in the mountains that feed the river, that may not be related to climate change.

It is interesting this year in Quebec, the very opposite took place with extremely high levels of snow in their mountain, causing severe flooding. Also, it should be mentioned that on Vancouver Island this winter we had almost two months of very cold weather, which is unheard of and at the same time it was raining in Greenland, which is also unheard of at that time of year.

These weather phenomenon can easily be explained by the atmospheric low and high pressure systems that track across Canada and the U.S. in a west to east direction. When the route of these systems divert from their “normal” path, warm moist air drawn from the south, collides with the cold Arctic air resulting in snow or rain, whatever the case may be.

The scientists once used the words “global warming”, now it’s “climate change”, for good reason, as those different words reflect the reality of the situation. Without a doubt, the climate is changing. HOWEVER, is the burning of fossil fuel causing the weird tracking of these atmospheric pressure systems, that has caused the low water levels on the Cowichan River, high water levels in Quebec and rain in Greenland this winter?

John Walker

Cobble Hill