Area E pay into Island Savings Centre

Area E is a full paying partner to the Island Savings Centre, always has been.

The doctor is in! The spin doctor that is. I read the main editorial headline that “Area E pool contribution would be small” and then that other electoral areas: “are paying for the Kerry Park Recreation Centre and Cowichan Lake Recreation Centre”, and that needs to be taken into account (!) when comparing rates.

Editor, the municipality spin doctors gotcha!

Area E is a full paying partner to the Island Savings Centre, always has been.

As well, only the south end of North Cowichan is a full ISC partner, along with the City of Duncan. Much to their chagrin the north end of North Cowichan pays a full share of the Aquatic Centre, but a modest contribution to Fuller Lake compared to the significantly more robust south half of North Cowichan’s contribution to the ISC, the same robust dollars Area E pays year after year.

Sooo, Area E does in fact pay big bucks to recreation facilities, all in other jurisdictions.

The fact that Area E is a full ISC partner is treated almost as an afterthought, a secret, seldom recognized, and only begrudgingly seen as a partner or commonly known broadly, both within, and outside of Area E.

I agree that the south end of North Cowichan takes a thrashing on both the ISC and the Aquatic Centre. That is their problem and doing however, not Area E.

And finally, regional recreation funding is mentioned with angst — there are reasons why regional recreation dialogues have never got very far, ever, after many attempts. Simply put, that sucking sound always scares the skittish electoral areas away.

Sooo, editor, you stand corrected.


Loren Duncan

Past director Area E