Ban burning only if there’s curbside pickup

Is a complete ban on backyard burning really logical?

Is a complete ban on backyard burning really logical? There have already been strict guidelines established and a time frame established to minimize the emissions from such burning. Perhaps better policing of these regulations is the answer.

I love on a large property in Maple Bay, which has many, many trees. You know trees? Those things that suck up carbon dioxide and spew out oxygen for us to breathe? Unfortunately, these trees drop many branches and leaves. These I pile up in a large, open pile at the back of the property and once a year, when conditions are right, I have a hot burn. I do not burn wet leaves.

Now by suggesting I can take all of this to Fisher Road or Bings Creek, firstly assumes that I have a suitable vehicle for transport. Lucky me, I do, but it is a small pickup with a firmly attached canopy, which limits the size and amount of stuff I can load. This would dictate many, many trips to Fisher Road or Bings Creek and I wonder how much time I would spend, how much gas I would burn, and what about all those carbon emissions? More pollution than one hot burn?

No, the only way I would support elimination of backyard burning is to see the implementation of at least three times a year, free, curbside pickup by the CVRD or the municipality.


Scott McIvor

North Cowichan