Budget claims don’t hold water

This province is in so much debt that it will have to be taken care of over centuries.

Joe Sawchuk praises B.C.’S AAA credit rating and the only balanced budget in Canada. When you take millions from BC Hydro, ICBC, etc. and then also raise MSP premiums, then you can fool people into thinking you have balanced the budget.

This province is in so much debt that it will have to be taken care of over centuries. The Liberals forced Hydro to purchase power from the IPPs at double what Hydro sells it for. The Liberals brag about low taxes. Look at your Hydro bill. Not only are they committed to drastically raise rates, they have a permanent rate rider at five per cent on top of it. ICBC rates are going up again under the guise of too many accidents.

I suggest you look a little deeper at their finances and how they balance a budget. They have missed the mark on every single large project they have undertaken and Site C will be double what they are telling us. The First Nations and the farmers and others in the area will lose everything just so Christy Clark can outdo WAC Bennett and get her name put into posterity. She will be remembered though. She will have the distinction of being classed as the worst premier this province has had, including Gordon Campbell.

This party does not deserve the name Liberal. Republican, neo-con are names that I associate with them.

Good on you for pointing out how a new party in power for a few months in Alberta can cause a downgrade in their credit rating. Obviously the Conservatives had nothing to do with it because only they know how to run a province and the country. Why then were they booted out of office? Do the majority of voters know something you don’t?


Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill