Civilization-ending cataclysm coming in 2046

The sun will nova, ejecting a dust cloud outwards into the solar system.

Civilization-ending cataclysm coming in 2046

Civilization-ending cataclysm coming in 2046

Re: We must work together to slow climate change

In answer to my recent letter, “Climate is driven by the sun, not CO2”, Terry Hansen agrees that “the sun does power a planet’s climate” but argues that “atmosphere also has a profound impact.” Hansen encourages me to read The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism, in which 200 science academies conclude that climate change is human-caused.

I wonder if Hansen actually read my letter or just the title as my main point was not even mentioned? What about the scientists with the Diehold Foundation that claim human-caused global warming is a lie?

One of their researchers, Douglas Vogt has discovered a 12,068-year solar cycle, which he believes will climax with a civilization-ending cataclysm in 2046. He says the sun will nova, ejecting a dust cloud outwards into the solar system. The Earth’s magnetic field will reverse at that point causing earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanism. Vast quantities of seawater will be instantly vaporized into the atmosphere creating a thick cloud cover and triggering a new ice age.

Vogt’s research shows that in the lead up to these events in the past, ocean temperatures, sea levels and atmospheric CO2 levels all begin to rise, as we are seeing now. Prior to a magnetic pole reversal the magnetic field would begin to weaken and earthquakes and volcanism would increase, just as we are seeing now.

Not only does his theory dispel the idea of anthropogenic global warming but it also solves many other mysteries that mainstream science cannot explain, such as tektites, deep-sea underwater cannons, the Oort cloud, the origin of comets and even the lack of water and atmosphere on Mars. And, it also makes sense of the ancient megalithic structures scattered around the globe that we are not able to duplicate today. Are they the ruins of a previous highly advanced civilization that was destroyed by the last nova?

Vogt believes the powers that be are aware of this looming catastrophe but have no desire to share their underground bunkers with seven billion people. He says we’ve been taught a flawed model of how the universe and our sun operate in an attempt to keep the knowledge of this cyclical event secret.

So, If Douglas Vogt is right, urging “our politicians and business leaders to work together and find a path to slow climate change” as letter-writer Terry Hansen suggests, is laughable. Instead, for the sake of our children’s future, let’s unite and demand that our corporate owned politicians and mad scientists tell us the truth for once. Perhaps we could change the carbon tax to a nova tax and use it to build bunkers so everyone has a chance to survive?

David Work

Lake Cowichan