Column: The Citizen is taking digital to the next level

You may have noticed a change in the Citizen’s online presence in recent months.

You may have noticed a change in the Citizen’s online presence in recent months.

This has been quite deliberate.

Our website redesign has made our page significantly more attractive and easier for visitors to navigate. Everyone in the newsroom breathed a sigh of relief when it went online earlier this spring and we’re definitely fans of the changes.

We’ve also ramped up our presence on Facebook, Twitter and even started an Instagram account.

Quite simply, we want to be where you, the readers, are and be part of and even start important conversations about what’s going on in our Cowichan Valley communities. Or just to be able to show you a fun photo or video, or let you know about an upcoming event.

Almost everyone is online these days, with a desktop or their life is on their smartphone. It’s important that we try to keep up with where the eyeballs are.

Because we want to provide you with news. That’s our business, after all, and the reason all of us went into it is to be able to inform and entertain — sometimes both together.

We’re still figuring it out. The internet is a constantly changing and dynamic world. For instance, we’re still finding out what you want to see from us on Facebook, and how often you want to see a post from the Citizen.

If you’ve been to our website of late (please go, and return often, you’ll like it: www.cowichanvalleycitizen.com) you’ll have seen that we’re also bringing you stories from our sister papers throughout British Columbia. Our collective coverage of the wildfires this summer has been thorough. State of emergency? We had it. Guy punching a grizzly? We had that too.

It’s all about our dedication to bringing you the best news experience possible.

Which doesn’t mean that we’re ignoring our print edition. We’re all ink-stained finger fans to the core, and everything you’ve always liked about the Citizen is still there on your doorstep.

But we’re excited that our website now allows us to bring you even more timely breaking news.

And on that note: got a news tip? Call us first at 250-748-2666 or email editor@cowichanvalleycitizen.com