Conservatives only ones interested in reducing debt

This continuing desire to spend what we don’t have also leaves the debt legacy to future generations.

Conservatives only ones interested in reducing debt

I have been intrigued by the letters to the editor pointing out which party is bad and which party is good. However, I am dismayed by one letter writer who labelled the Conservatives fascist. I guess the writer didn’t check the meaning of the word fascist because the mainstream parties are not fascist. None of them. There is a splinter party that calls itself fascist but they are irrelevant.

However, to get to the point of my letter I would like to present some statistics that many are ignoring or more likely just don’t care.

Our current federal government debt stands in excess of $768 billion yes I said billion and in order to service that debt or, in simple terms to pay the interest, our country shells out in excess of $29 billion each year. That $29 billion uses 11 per cent of federal revenue just to pay the interest without even touching the principle. And so our federal debt increases yearly in leaps and bounds. On this point all parties except the Conservatives propose to continue this debt accumulation without any concern for the future. Our environmental activists talk about leaving the environmental problems for future generations. Well, guess what, this continuing desire to spend what we don’t have also leaves the debt legacy to future generations. In either case there is no sense to this foolishness.

Just imagine what that $29 billion could be used for. And also think if the principle was paid down we would have even more money to put to good use instead of servicing unnecessary debt. One way to save great amounts of tax dollars is to stop shoveling money into the hands of foreign governments where it ends up in the wrong hands and solves no local problems.

Just to add fuel to the fire this does not take into account the debt accumulations being racked up by some of our provinces. For instance Quebec and Ontario have debt scenarios that make the federal debt pale in comparison. None of us as private citizens could survive on that debt burden. We’d all be filing for bankruptcy!

Please voters let’s wake up and realize these scenarios are not sustainable and must be stopped. Mr. Harper is being bad mouthed for the previous Conservative government’s efforts to bring the debt under control and the current Conservatives should be praised for their efforts to also reduce this unsustainable slide into oblivion.

In fact our neighbours to the south are in worse shape than Canada but to add to the problem many countries in the world are facing even worse financial crunches including Great Britain.

Where are we headed? Can you say recession? Can you also say depression? These are not scare tactics, this is reality unless we wake up real quick. Spend within our means and do not waste money where spending is foolish. Much more could be said. But enough for now. I will come back and look at this again in the near future.

The Liberals, NDP and Greens all talk about huge spending programs that will only further increase our dept. Please don’t go there. We must put Justin back into his drama class instead of trying to lead our country with no knowledge or experience while born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Let’s get the government we deserve. For the people not against the people. The taxpayers’ pockets are already empty there is no more to give.

Jack Peake


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