Consider your community when voting

Consider your community when voting

Think about what you want to be part of when voting for or against amalgamation

I live just up Gibbins from the hospital, in North Cowichan, but on Duncan water.

On the question of amalgamation between North Cowichan and Duncan, I’ve thought long and hard. The benefits of staying single. The benefits of getting hitched. I’ve been in a quandary for quite a little while now. Checked in with the citizens panel, had a look at the pros and cons.

I’ve seen the passion of those who warn about hidden debts, or rapacious looters barely able to contain themselves at the prospects of bulging bank accounts. Or increased costs, or taking on someone else’s policing burden, or…well, you’ve heard all of that too, and more, I suspect.

I heard other voices too. Those who say we can do more together than we can separately. Who say we can rely upon one-another for support, encouragement and mutual care.

In the end I decided that, for me, this is less of a vote on getting hitched than it is a vote on the kind of community I want to be grounded in.

So I’m going to base my vote on that.

Hope you do too.

Keith Simmonds

North Cowichan