Disappointed in the Harper record

I am disappointed too in the broken promise of open and transparent government

I recently listened to the tirade of Newfoundland ex-premier Danny Williams about Stephen Harper. He was disappointed about Harper’s betrayal of promises for Newfoundland. He concluded by telling Conservative supporters to vote for Liberals, NDP, or abstain.

I’m disappointed too! Harper talks of restricting the niqab while increasing military trade with pro-niqab Saudi Arabia. He talks of the niqab while ignoring shabby treatment of veterans, our health care system, seniors and the 1,000 missing and murdered indigenous women.

I am disappointed too in the broken promise of open and transparent government, our muzzled scientists, and the reduced budgets of the RCMP, Coast Guard and Armed Forces. How embarrassing that our only flag-ship destroyer Athabasca dropped out of the present NATO exercises due to engine failure. I’m disappointed in our economy, with the slowest growth rate in decades: our job creation rate, 20th out of 34 OECD countries; the pathetic business investment rate; and the slowest growth in trade of the industrial world.

I’m disappointed that our foreign affairs policies have stalled a trade deal with Europe over our environmental policies, our Mexican trade is troubled over Canadian Visa requirements, and our endless trade issues with the USA are further aggravated by Harper’s insults of Obama. The list goes on.

I agree with Danny Williams. After voting for 10 different PM’s over the years, I’m really disappointed in Stephen Harper.


David Hobson