Do I want to look at it for the rest of my life?

Think really long and hard before you undergo any body modification that’s permanent.

Think really long and hard before you undergo any body modification that’s permanent.

It sounds like an obvious piece of advice, the kind where you reply with a snarky “thanks mom”, but mom had the right idea.

We all go through times where we want to experiment with our look. It’s a normal part of most teenagers’ experiences. And if you didn’t do it then, you probably did it in college.

Bright pink hair, blue, purple or green streaks — these are pretty commonplace acts of trying to figure out who you are.

So too are ear, nose, eyebrow and belly button piercings. (Piercing other bits of your body starts to fall under the category of ‘think about it really hard’, since there are more risks and changing your mind later often involves more than just taking out the jewelry.)

But then there are the trends you should avoid because when they’re no longer trendy, you’re still stuck with them.

Remember when everyone and their dog was getting a tattoo on their lower back? Know that derogatory term they use for that now? In fact, many a person has gotten buyers remorse over a tattoo faux pas.

Think of that guy who basically sold out his face for a few bucks, getting logos and the like inked into his skin. Only a few years later he discovered what a horrible idea that actually was and has since been trying to get them removed.

And you can get them removed, but it’s a painful and expensive procedure.

Some people love their tattoos, and more power to them, but an awful lot of people end up just growing out of it.

So, really, most people would be better served not to commit to a design that seemed really cool when they were 17.

Not so much when the person interviewing them for the job at the bank/daycare/law firm has their eyes fastened on the strip of barbed wire with the flames inked around their throat that their buddies thought was cool for all of five minutes.

The latest fad causing regret is apparently earlobe gauging.

This is where people have stretched holes in their earlobes over time. If you followed this particular fad it will cost you surgery to repair it.

Seriously, try out some ripped fishnets and a miniskirt instead. It’s a lot easier to laugh at the pictures later and change it up.

Get a mohawk, shave your head, try dreadlocks — hair grows back or can be cut off.

Temporary tattoos or henna can give you the look without the commitment.

Don’t make any snap decisions and be smart about it. Make sure you want to look at it every day for the rest of your life.

Even after your skin sags and it doesn’t look quite the same anymore.