Driving test requirement is ageism

Driving test requirement is ageism

Which of the party leaders will promise to eliminate this ageism?

Driving test requirement is ageism

Re: Isms

NDP leader John Horgan is on his high horse about “isms”. Sexism, to be precise. Yes. Jane Thornthwaite’s comment was inappropriate.

Mr. Horgan does not however appear to be against isms in general.

What is also inappropriate is the requirement that seniors, age 80 and older, be required to visit their doctor, at their own considerable expense, for an examination, and possibly a driving test, to maintain their right to drive. Mr. Horgan and the NDP did nothing in their last term as government to eliminate this requirement. This is ageism at its finest.

The Liberal Party also had the opportunity to correct this ageism in their previous terms as government.

The Green Party had the opportunity to force the removal of this ageism during the last session of Parliament, but also failed to have the changes made.

I have heard nothing from any of the party leaders regarding the removal of this ageism, should they become the government. Which of the party leaders will promise (without their fingers crossed behind their backs) to eliminate this ageism?

David Heard

Mill Bay