Gas prices pay stockholders, period

We as a society must get real and face the cold hard facts.

Gas prices pay stockholders, period

Gas prices pay stockholders, period

I have to admit, that over the years, and now feeling that the time is right, I wanted to share my amusement towards various people whom are so angry at the oil companies.

They fume (no pun) about the price of gas when any of us fill up. We all know that all the oil companies set the rates together and the gas suppliers realize that any rebellion from consumers will not happen. Also, everybody has their own “fair” price that a gas station should charge, usually 80 cents a litre to 99 cents a litre. Do you know the difference between fat chance and slim chance? Well folks, gas reductions will never happen.

With all the excuses such as war in the Middle East, explosions of holding centres or interruption due to weather, we as a society must get real and face the cold hard facts. The reason that we see an ongoing onslaught of price increases is simply to pay the stock holders for their investments. That’s it. Yes, you’re welcome. Thank me later.

I have the answer that may be doable for our little community. What we need is 1,000 local investors with $1,000 each and presto, a miniature cartel is formed whose mandate it is to purchase oil stocks. This cartel will then subsidise all local citizens who have signed up for the “I have gas” group. So, when this is a proven workable answer, other communities may “buy” the rights for their own franchise. There would need to be a voluntary board of members to manage this idea and perhaps acquire the ability to negotiate directly with oil companies for direct purchases.

Can you imagine if thousands of communities did this? And, further if these communities presented themselves at all the oil companies stock holders’ meetings what a revenge that would be.

Like I said, thank me later.

George Spong