Government moves that don’t make sense

Things that make you go huh? 6. Having Hydro borrow money to pay a “dividend” to the government

Things that make you go huh?

1. Passing a law that says you need to drive in the right lane unless you are passing, with virtually no way to enforce it. Meanwhile in Europe they have been driving in that manner for years.

2. Christy Clark’s penchant for spending tax payers dollars on appeals until she gets the judge who will give her what she wants instead of using those funds to address the problem.

3. Stephen Harper who has been decimating and dismantling our national parks for years gives us a few million of our tax money back, then expects us to be grateful and vote for him.

4. Upgrading South Shawnigan Lake Road by improving the road bed and repaving it as far as Stebbings Road in advance of the permit approval to truck contaminated soil to Shawnigan and then putting in a long left turn lane for north bound traffic off the Malahat.

5. Malahat “upgrades” which include the reduction from two lanes to one lane just prior to the merging of traffic on to the Malahat “freeway”.

6. Having Hydro borrow money to pay a “dividend” to the government and a government no fault insurance program that keeps increasing rates in order to pay a “dividend” to the provincial government. Who’s fault is that?


Glenn White

Shawnigan Lake