I’m ready for change after Oct. 19, how about you?

The election of 338 members will take place in roughly three weeks. And this is a watershed election in the history of this great country.

The election of 338 members who will form the 42nd parliament of Canada will take place in roughly three weeks. And this is a watershed election in the history of this great country.

The past 10 years have seen an avalanche of changes in the laws that govern our nation. Most of these changes have made Canada a darker, colder, harsher place than it has been in modern memory.

And, thanks to successive omnibus bills, the cynical use of parliamentary procedure to limit debate and outright misrepresentation, many Canadians are only aware of the tip of the iceberg that is the “Harper” government’s legislative record.

It is imperative that we elect a government who will reverse this trend and return our country to the caring and open place that it once was.

There is only one party who has the platform, and the credibility, to stop the Conservatives and end the heavy handed, manipulative governance of King Stephen, and that is the New Democratic Party of Canada.

And they are the only party that has a chance of electing the number of progressive candidates that it will take to achieve this imperative.

Previous letters to this paper have attempted to paint Tom Mulcair as “having contempt for women” by virtue of his participation in a debate that chose to exclude Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

Yet Mr. Mulcair and his party have, BY FAR, the largest percentage of candidates who are women (approximately 42 per cent).

By contrast the Green Party has about 30 per cent who are women while the Liberal Party of Canada and Cons are approximately 25 per cent.

The simple fact is that Ms. May was not included in the debate for the same reason that her party is not a viable choice for a thoughtful voter to place her or his vote.

At this point, the Green Party, with a single current sitting MP, Ms. May, is not a contender to form government, or even official opposition for that matter.

Therefore, in this tight three-way race, a vote for a Green is a vote for the return of Stephen Harper.

As a progressive voter, comparing the platforms side by side, there is much in common between the NDP and the Green Party. But one, absolutely huge and inescapable fact is impossible to ignore.

The NDP, and only the NDP, has the depth of experience in terms of creating policy and time in the parliamentary trenches, fighting for Medicare, the CPP and a host of advances to labour laws to protect working Canadians, as well as legislation designed to protect our environment.

I implore all citizens, 18 and older, please get out and cast your vote on Oct. 19 (or earlier in advance voting).

And, if you think that the direction that the Harper Conservatives have taken is wrong for our country, mark an “x” for your New Democrat candidate. I’m ready for change.

How about you?


Joanna Lord