Kudos and bouquets for our editor and staff

I am hoping such an edition will encourage us to put talents and energy into protecting environment

Kudos and bouquets for our editor and staff

Kudos and bouquets for our editor and staff

It’s not too often that I want to keep the whole of the Citizen’s news and articles in mind, but this Friday’s May 10 edition is an exception to the rule!

Simply put, because of all the negative disbelief coming from the disUnited States of America regarding the very existence of climate change, you certainly nailed it well this time.

From the lady who wants her strata to understand the value of something as simple as allowing a clothesline to sun-dry one’s clothes, to your hard-hitting editorial “Extinction crisis”, i.e. calling it what it is. Bravo, also to the writers of letters to the editor regarding the need for all of us to be concerned and action-added regarding a long-term and positive plan to “farm” our forests in a very sustainable way.

Even a simple mindset as being careful in our vehicles not to sit and leave engines running unnecessarily, thus creating air pollution. And you were not finished yet! On page A8, what I would put as very high priority, vis: water. An excellent write-up regarding our watershed and a call for actions to protect one of our major gifts, Lake Cowichan, by increasing the volume of water within it by increasing the height of the weir. Also, by picking up the phone and contacting the powers that be if you see any infringement regarding logging practices or endangerment of salmon stock.

Even our hardworking planners in the offices of North Cowichan get “top honours” for the proposed development of the new hospital area around Bell-McKinnon Road. Lastly, but by no means the least: “Cowichan Youth to Strike Against Climate Change”. It is an invitation to us all (not just the youth who are leading the way) to show our concern by joining them in the Duncan City Square at noon on May 17. As an aside, as a retired educator, I see these young people giving us a wonderful lesson in concentration thought being put into positive action as they support the Cowichan Chapter of Earth Guardians — we should all be considered earth guardians.

I’m sure I could go on about some other excellent articles; sufficient to say that Sarah Simpson’s “bug” and Don Bodger’s “charity brings tear of joy” would touch a number of people. We are, and we should not take for granted, blessed that we have such people around us. But, it is not just sufficient to read and appreciate, I am hoping that such an edition as this will encourage us to put whatever talents and energy we have into protecting and sustaining an environment with which we are truly blessed.

Peter Elliott

North Cowichan