Leaders need to re-read the B.C. School Act

Duncan – The concept of justice (of any sort: political, economic, social) in a country like Canada, which takes pride in its democratic ideals, is a very comforting one – and it should be.


Whether you are a First Nations person or a new arrival from another land or a "true Canuck", you want to realize the possibilities that a just society should provide, by acting as a responsible citizen.


Governments and public institutions put forth policies and write rules and regulations to help pursue this desirable goal. However, at times the political and economic ambitions of certain groups hinder the expected results. The letter of the law seems to be adhered to whereas the spirit of the law is ignored. In other words, the illusion is created; process is there, product is not. Formality and reality gape at each other.


Well-educated and wellinformed citizens can play a significant role to fill that gap by using sincerely the process that is in place so that the product is delivered. Schools, school communities, and communities at large become the home bases where we can play that role as promoters of the common bond of humanity, even though it is becoming more and more difficult


to do so in the face of economic hardships that we face in our daily lives. Insecurity within and without often make us forget some of the moral principles that are supposed to be a part of the fabric of our society.


What is happening to our public education in British Columbia is worrisome. Our so-called leaders should pause and put their partisan politics aside. The education of our children is suffering. Parents are going through unnecessary pain. Reread The B.C. School Act. Our children need quality education to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes so that they can contribute to a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society that is just and civil.


Amrik Prihar Duncan