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Letter: Assessment process grossly unfair

My taxes have increased by over 200 per cent

Assessment process grossly unfair

I have lived on my property on Meade Creek for almost 40 years. I have made no improvements to the property in over 15 years and I get no income from my property. My assessments have increased by 279 per cent over the last three years, and my taxes have increased by over 200 per cent over the last three years. There has been no change to my property, and no increased or improved services to justify these increases.

The assessment process is fundamentally flawed, is fueling huge excessive inflation, and results in our governments collecting money through taxes that are not justified. If you think this is fair, then you need to do nothing. If, like me, you think that this is unjustified and grossly unfair, then you need to file a notice of complaint with the Assessment Authority before Jan. 31, 2023. Then contact me at, and we can challenge this grossly unfair process.

Peter A. Leckie

Meade Creek