Letter: Better location for proposed art gallery

Better location for proposed art gallery

I have some concerns regarding the new Art Gallery featured in your June 2nd issue. My primary concern is the location chosen for the gallery. Ingram Street is a very busy street already, with doctor’s offices , Cowichan Home & Community Care, LifeLabs, CVRD offices and a Post Office just to name a few.

Difficulties already exist in finding parking spaces now, most especially given the lack of enough handicap spots.

I can only hope that the powers to be have taken this into consideration and have some plan on how to deal with the increased traffic volume to ensure reasonable access for the many frail, handicapped, and/or seniors trying to access these services.

Another issue is the Saturday farm market. Will they have to relocate to avoid impacting the gallery or will Ingram Street still be closed for the market hours.

I also question why this already tranquil spot was chosen. Many residents take advantage of this green space for a little respite. Sure the location is in the downtown core but surely there are better locations that do not impact area residents and businesses as much as the current proposed site.

Finally if this project is to proceed, I would like the planners to provide the community with their plans on dealing with the issues I have detailed here.

Barry Kimble


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