Letter: Cash for trash

That reward system would give value to our disgusting trash

Cash for trash

Dear mayors, councillors and CVRD directors:

Please debate and make recommendations about paying local residents $50 per yellow recycling bag of authentic road and river trash.

That reward system would give value to our disgusting trash — that’s ever-increasing and ubiquitous.

Proof of results is seen in the basic lack of roadside aluminum, plastic and glass beverage bottles locals recycle for money at our bottle depots and elsewhere.

Why not do the same for our trash spanning plastics, paper, and metal to cigarette butts, fabric and more rubbish?

Before weighing and paying for trash collected, staff would check to ensure the junk has not simply been stolen from residents’ garbage cans!

Such a feel-good cash-for-trash system could serve as a model for other communities, and help reduce our $3-million annual tipping fees for garbage sadly shipping to a Washington State landfill.

Just visualize local service groups, Scouts, clubs, students, homeless folks, hikers and many others pitching in to for a green, clean Cowichan.

Thanks in advance for listening to this timely idea.

Peter W. Rusland

North Cowichan