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Letter: Federal government counting on fear

They must generate fear to remain in power

Federal government counting on fear

Tom Flannagan once remarked that politics is based on two things: fear and coalitions. In today’s Canada this is truer than ever. For the Liberals and the NDP coalitions are important. Bereft of the popular vote in the last two elections, and with more and more Canadians fed up with the state of the nation, both parties need their coalition to survive. But what about fear?

It seems our current government needs it. They must generate fear to remain in power. That viewpoint may seem extreme, but let’s look at the facts. We have seldom been through times like these. COVID left a scar on the nation, a major recession is coming, inflation is driving up the cost of living and the real estate market has slumped. The Liberal Party of Canada has been in power since 2015, and it is hard to see how they can avoid blame for any or all of these things.

But someone has to be blamed. Cue the fear card. Somewhere out there are “fringe minorities,” (to quote the PM) intolerant entities who are “racist” “misogynistic ” and “anti diversity.” They are dangerous and bigoted. They are intent on overthrowing the government and taking away your democratic rights. Somehow they are plotting to turn Canada into a dictatorship with the help of the “cold hearted” (the PM actually described them this way) Conservatives.

Unfortunately, the recent inquiry into the Emergencies Act has not supported this fear card. Statements contradicting the government’s claims abound, and we are gradually getting a more balanced view of what happened. The fear card isn’t working the way they thought it would.

What’s more, Canadians are bracing themselves for what may be one of the worst recessions in our history. Already one in five families are cutting back on food (Source: CASHR survey University of Saskatchewan). In the face of that very real situation, whipping up fear may not work so well. Let’s hope, for all our sakes, it does not.

Perry Foster