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Letter: Fire bans needed

Common sense is obviously in short supply

Fire bans needed

Yet again with another year of heightened wildfire risk in B.C. and we are still waiting. We are waiting as usual for the B.C. Forest Service to invoke a campfire and open burning bans and at the same increase the fines for breaking the fire bans.

Why does it take so long to recognize that the rights of a few campers who won’t be allowed to have a campfire is much less important than the risk to the general population and the cost of fire fighting? Every tool available should be used in an attempt to stop careless individuals from putting all of us at risk by wildfires. If you don’t think you could be put at risk by a wildfire, then you’re not paying attention. Just talk to any of the many thousands of people who are burned out of their homes every year in Canada. Common sense is obviously in short supply.

Mike Wilkinson