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Letter: Good Samaritans pay for groceries

I apologized to the teller as I couldn’t pay for the groceries

Good Samaritans pay for groceries

On Monday, Oct. 3 about 5 p.m. I was at the till to pay for my groceries. I discovered I did not have my wallet. I apologized to the teller as I couldn’t pay for the groceries.

As I was about to leave, the gentleman behind me in line said he would pay for them. The gentleman next to him said he would split the sum. I refused. They insisted. Acquiring a slip of paper I handed a pen and asked that they write down where I could send a cheque to repay them. They refused. They split the cost.

As I was unlocking my bike I recalled what happened to my wallet. At the locker room in the gym, I remembered I had no tokens, removing my wallet and I walked to the cashier, purchased the tokens, slipped the wallet in my gym strip. One of the gentlemen approached me; I exclaimed “I know what happened to the missing wallet!”

I explained and he thanked me as he had misplaced his wallet two days ago. My repeating the tale, prompted him. He had placed his wallet in his car trunk.

N. Howrigan

North Cowichan