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Letter: Highway crossing needed, gender neutral washrooms a bad idea

Perish the thought of an accident!

Highway crossing needed, gender neutral washrooms a bad idea

Some weeks ago I read that Duncan will have a new and improved high school along the Trans-Canada Highway across from the fast food outlets. And while I certainly applaud the plan, it also gave me thoughts of concern. Some readers have already expressed theirs, regarding the absence of a crosswalk, tunnel or overpass for those who want to get lunch at their favourite fast food outlet. Perish the thought of an accident!

I know that this part of the TCH is probably the responsibility of the Ministry of Highways and therefore we may have to wait until the cows come home before they will allot funds to build a safe crossover for the students.

But perhaps funds can be raised from ICBC (no accident claims), the municipality, school board, the fast food outlets and DBIA of Duncan. Just think, what this will do for advertisements. “Local offices and businesses ensure safe crossover for students!” It may take a few meetings, I agree, but think of the outcome! Perhaps something incoming municipal, regional or provincial leaders may want to use as a platform?

Upon reading the article I got another knot in my guts. Did I read this right? Is there to be a gender neutral water closet in this new school? Why? Oh, I can appreciate the school board wanting to accommodate the current trend of getting rid of gender issues by becoming gender neutral. Somehow I don’t get the feeling that this has been given a lot of thought.

Was there any input by the students, especially those, who for personal or religious reasons, don’t like the idea of waiting in the loo with other genders? Has anybody actually asked a shy, or abused student how s/he feels about gender neutral WCs? There is nothing more threatening than being around those who may have hurt her/him.

I think a gender neutral WC is an open invitation for problems; be it bullying, promiscuity or ridicule. A very modern idea, but not well thought out. I would like to suggest, like others, that there is a gender specific and gender neutral WC available to the students. High school is stressful already without having to worry whether or not a trip to the WC can be made without incidents.

Judy van der Boom

Mill Bay