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Letter: Leave wood burners alone

Why don’t you go after the real polluters on your precious island?

Leave wood burners alone

Re: “No safe level of air pollution”.

I’m amazed by the brainwashing of people that recite the WHO or the CBC that are credible and throw in catch words like “children and the vulnerable ” to make us feel guilty. When it comes to our health none of those sources are proven credible when they are being undermined by government influence.

Instead of picking on people that are trying to heat their homes with legally approved heating sources why don’t you go after the real polluters on your precious island?

Fact: Victoria airport plane traffic has quadrupled plus expanded parking lots loaded to capacity.

Trees are being decimated in bedroom communities like Langford where condominium complexes are being erected at an alarming rate.

Cruise ships with hundreds of thousands of tourists and their garbage to our Island dispersing sewage in the strait are expanding over 250 ships per year.

Ferry traffic to and from Vancouver at peak levels and increasing ferries to smaller islands, although I have no idea why they hate fossil fuels while the diesel ferry carries them to Costco every week.

The Malahat debacle that I’ve yet to figure out; not one piece of heavy-duty equipment in that repair is electric plus the oil infused asphalt is never boycotted because electric cars do not last long on dirt roads.

Electric cars that are dependent on colbalt that in the Congo are referred to as “blood batteries” because of the atrocities. Go ahead and Google it and don’t forget they are entirely made from petroleum products.

Instead of picking on the family that’s trying to save on their heating costs or make sure they can keep their children from freezing this winter pick one of the above, or maybe turn that gas valve to your house off.

Chris Carnes

Shawnigan Lake