Letter: Minimum wage hike hogwash

Minimum wage hike hogwash

The minimum wage [increased] once again on June 1, 2022.

B.C. Minister of Labour, Harry Bains, is quoted as saying, “having a fair minimum wage is a key step in helping to lift more people out of poverty, make life more affordable, and build a strong economy for B.C.”

Total hogwash.

Why? Employees will have a higher hourly rate of pay, but will have their regular working hours reduced, so their take home pay will be the same before the wage increase. Employers will stop hiring new employees. Employers will only hire new employees to replace employees that have quit their jobs. Others will be laid off and issued a unemployment slip to apply for unemployment insurance. A no win situation for the workers. Employers have to follow these guide lines, to ensure that they do not have to raise their prices to their customers.

Harry Bains, NDP math is telling employers, raise your prices to offset the wage increase. Harry Bains, fails to realize that all fast food franchisees cannot raise their menu prices, as corporate offices set the pricing.

The raise in wages has to come out of the franchisees bottom line profit. Totally unfair. This is what happens when you have people like Harry Bains, shooting off at the hip, without ever once, researching what the result will be.


Joe Sawchuk


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