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Letter: Must reactivate ‘train highway’

I do hope we don’t miss this very important opportunity

Must reactivate ‘train highway’

I am writing to support the editorial regarding the importance of refurbishing and using of an amazing resource that E&N Railway is.

Reactivating the use of the “train highway” will impact the island in many important ways. It would increase exponentially amazing resources such as the commercial and tourism industries. It would also have a tremendous economic and environmental impact, by creating employment and reducing a percentage of automobiles on the highway. Europe is a clear example of it.

Islands, by nature, have an enhanced sense of community. It would be of great benefit to the V.I. community at large to make their own territory more accessible. I do hope many voices express their opinion on this huge opportunity to give an “absolutely yes” vote to this beautiful project.

I do hope we don’t miss this very important opportunity.

Sonia Gil