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Letter: Our transportation needs are not being met

We need this rail corridor more than ever

Our transportation needs are not being met

With the deadline of the supreme court ruling approaching fast (March 14), the question remains. What will happen to the former E&N railway corridor?

Ideas seem to come and go, study after study is done and then shelved, or elected officials make empty promises. It has become an endless mind-numbing circus.

At some point, we need to figure out our transportation situation. If there is one thing that past events have taught us, it’s that we have a terribly planned transportation network that is vulnerable to extreme weather events, and endless traffic issues and that is not equitable to all.

A few years ago, when Greyhound pulled out of western Canada and the recent announcement that Wilson is temporarily pulling bus service, it showed us that we have no backup plan to deal with the aftermath.

I realize that the rail corridor can’t solve all our problems, but it can give an alternative to traveling north of the Malahat especially since it’s the only way to get out of Victoria. A trail cannot do this and it is not the best use of the corridor. Even with improved transit services on the Cowichan Commuter buses going to and from Victoria. They are vulnerable to shutdowns and weather events that affect the highway.

It’s time that our senior governments put action into place.

Minister Fleming, what are you going to do?

We need this rail corridor more than ever.

Aaron Lypkie


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