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Letter: Questions about rail

I would like to know if this rail ran in the black or the re

Questions about rail

About the E&N rail, what we should know: people say that this could cost $100 million. I don’t know if we have enough information to make a decision.

I would like to know if this rail ran in the black or the red, did it ever make any money or was it always funded by the government? Please let me know at what capacity did the rail line run at. When I watched it go by it looked like it was empty. Did it run at 85 per cent full or only five to 15 per cent full? Please help; at what time of the day did it run, as most people have other things to do? One more question. My wife took the train with her family and said it was very expensive. Can you tell me if everybody could afford this or only a tourist? How much did it cost for one adult to ride the train from Victoria to Duncan or from Victoria to Nanaimo?

What I’ve been hearing is that it would make a very nice bike horse or walking trail for thousands of people. That might be good for everybody. Please help me with more information.

L. Taker