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Letter: Road to self-destruction

That’s way more chickens than their population

Road to self-destruction

Just in the UK, 1.1 billion chickens are slaughtered for meat each year. This year, 82 million died prematurely before slaughter, as they use a fast growing breed. Oh my gosh!

That’s way more chickens than their population of 66.5 million. So, we end up feeding animals food we could consume as a trade-off for meat consumption, a huge ACD contributor; also making animals for slaughter a far larger population than humans.

There’s a lot terribly wrong with this picture, remarkable in its ignorance. The Americas are immersed in cattle, chickens (poultry), and pigs. Our consumption of animals has even caused fish to dwindle to scarily low populations, which we see in the cost of portions we consume.

Our ignorance to all life being interconnected is just part of the equation of our road to self-destruction.

Daniel Ferreira