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Letter: Separated bike lanes vital

It’s even been more terrifying when I have pulled my kids in the bike trailer

Separated bike lanes vital

It was very gratifying to read the positive attention given by this paper in its May 12, 2022 edition to bike lanes and safe cycling in the Quw’utsun Valley. It helped offset the huge disappointment I felt at the negative reaction by some fellow citizens towards a much needed bike lane on Coronation Avenue.

Not only do we need more bike lanes but they need to be physically separated from traffic. In towns and cities where bike lanes have been separated out from traffic, there has been a significant increase in bike ridership, especially in regards to commuting in that mode.

And local businesses have benefited as well. Why? Because people feel so much safer to commute and to stop and shop when physically separated bike lanes are in place.

Many of us who cycle to commute or cycle for leisure in the Warmland have experienced the joy of riding a healthy form of transportation. But many of us have also experienced frustration, and yes at times fear, of sharing the road with cars and trucks where a simple painted line (or none at at all) separates us. Myself I have had many many close calls with motorists over the years, and it’s even been more terrifying when I have pulled my kids in the bike trailer only to be threatened (and I do mean threatened) by some guys in their pick-up trucks simply because we are occupying space on the road.

So, major education is needed to help people understand that cycling is a legit form of transportation, that we have rights to be on the road, and that cycling needs its own dedicated lanes. The climate crisis and future generations compel us to act now to develop the transportation infrastructure we so sorely need — for trains and safe, separated bike lanes!

Eduardo Sousa