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Letter: Some nations will not disarm

Even the worst psychopaths usually have enough self-preservation instinct for MAD to discourage them

Some nations will not disarm

Re: We must support nuclear disarmament (Aug. 23)

Getting rid of its nuclear stockpile — or appearing to — and then announcing it, was the stupidest act of pointless virtue-signalling that Canada ever did. It was also the stupidest thing that Ukraine ever did. The rest of the world is culpable and stupid for convincing Ukraine to do so. If Ukraine still had nukes, they probably wouldn’t be at war with Russia right now. It’s like when people in Chicago started pasting “This Is A Gun-Free Home” stickers in their windows. Guess which homes got broken into the most?

Does the letter-writer truly believe that China, North Korea, or Iran will voluntarily and gladly give up on nuclear weapons? Such a treaty means absolutely nothing to them, and thus will NOT protect us from nuclear war. I’m not opposed to disarming those three of nuclear weapons, but unless we go hard against them, take them over, and literally brute-force them into disarming, such disarmament will never happen. These regimes are ruled by autocrats who are narcissistic psychopaths and sociopaths who — I cannot stress this enough — cannot ever be reasoned with. They care nothing about the letter-writer, the Earth, and its denizens at large. The letter-writer can neither inspire nor force them to care. The impassioned plea for the planet the letter-writer made would fall on completely deaf ears.

War may be a way of imposing tyranny, but it is also the only way of successfully resisting tyranny. Therefore, “Freedom from War” is an organization that cannot protect freedom. Leaving people completely defenseless is not ‘the right thing’, at all.

As such, nuclear disarmament or lip service to it, or even regular conventional disarmament, would be utterly and entirely pointless, since mutually assured destruction would no longer be in play as a deterrent. Even the worst psychopaths usually have enough self-preservation instinct for MAD to discourage them. Only countries ruled by people with actual consciences will abide by nuclear disarmament, thus rolling out the welcome mat for eventual invasion. I have to wonder if that’s a scenario the letter-writer actually secretly wants.

April J. Gibson


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