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Letter: Stop expansion of MAiD in Canada

The MAiD program has been expanded at an alarming rate

Stop expansion of MAiD in Canada

I am writing to ask if the public realizes that due to the ever expanding MAiD, Medical Assistance in Dying, Canada has become one of the top organ harvesting countries in the world.

The official opposition called for Trudeau to condemn China’s treatment of the Uyghur population. China routinely holds them in camps and harvests their organs for their billion dollar transplant business. Trudeau refused to condemn China.

This Wednesday, Jan. 25 an open house was hosted by MP Alistair MacGregor with his special guest Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. The event took place in the United Church in Duncan.

I was registered for the event.

The MAiD program has been expanded at an alarming rate and it suddenly occurred to me that Alistair and Jagmeet support this legislation and actions.

Hosting these men in a church facility sent the message that this Christian church condones what amounts to taking lives through accepted medical treatment.

The program now captures those that are impoverished, those that can’t get their care needs met and those that have short or long term mental health struggles.

The legislation is slated to be expanded to allow parents to choose euthanasia for young children and other populations. The amendments have been postponed, however if the government wants it to pass they simply need to call on the NDP to provide the support needed to make the expanded program into law.

All Canadians should realize that our present government at all levels needs to answer to those that elected them.

Do we actually believe that while billions of our dollars go offshore we are unable to afford basic comfort and care to Canadians and in place pressure them to have their lives ended?

I call on religious leaders for loudly voiced objections to the legalized killing of inconvenient Canadian citizens.

Ruth Waddell

Area E