Letter: The challenges of Duncan

I do have some apologies to make

The challenges of Duncan

Welcome to Duncan!

It’s a beautiful city and I’m glad you’re here.

I do have some apologies to make. First is the Duncan Mall parking lot; sorry, you’ll get used to it. Second is trying to drive through town without making an illegal lane change; impossible. Sorry. Third, jogging through McAdam Park? There aren’t signs at every entrance that it is an off-leash dog park. Sorry.

If you find yourself running through this park you will be approached by excited dogs. Simply stand still until the owner can collect the dog and consider jogging a different route. Please do not yell obscenities at the owner, have a meltdown and shout about your triggers. (I care, but it doesn’t help. Sorry.)

Most of the dogs and their humans are really nice and McAdam is the only large place in town where they can run off energy and play with their friends. We can work together as more folks move into the area.

Welcome to Duncan. I’m not sorry you’re here.

Deborah Wood