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Letter: The humanity in one’s opponents

Complex international issues are reduced to a black and white caricature

The humanity in one’s opponents

It’s disheartening to witness the manner in which western media, including the CBC, have coalesced around a simplistic narrative; Ukraine the just, Russia the unjustifiable.

It only goes to prove that although truth may be the first casualty in war, ambiguity is the second.

Recognizing the humanity in one’s opponents isn’t a question of condoning or justifying an action, but merely of understanding, and that’s impossible when complex international issues are reduced to a black and white caricature.

Whether measured in terms of death, destruction and desperate refugees, a reckless scheme to place NATO missiles in Ukraine, or the manner in which world attention has been diverted from a far greater threat — our increasingly feverish planet — it’s clear that there will be no victors in this conflict.

Truth is, we are already all the losers, and by stipulating the complete triumph of NATO/Ukrainian forces — and the utter defeat of Russia forces — we have brought ourselves to the brink of an unimaginable nuclear catastrophe.

Canadians need to look beyond the myopic good vs. evil narrative being offered us and instead, to seek a broader perspective and deeper understanding of this tragic confrontation.

Only in this way can we develop the mutual respect and forgiveness necessary for reconciliation and reconstruction.

Mike Ward