Letter: Tough time booking booster

Please phone back in the new year and she hung up on me

Tough time booking booster

Last fall I received a notification by email, that my third booster shot was available and that I could make an appointment online.

Within a week I received two more reminders to make an appointment, so I went online, followed the directions only to find out there was no vaccination site in Duncan. But I had my first two shots in Duncan at the building with the big hockey stick!

I tried two more times with the same result and started to wonder if I did something wrong, as I’m not too grand on the computer. I phoned instead and after being redirected spoke with a lady who told me that they were booking into February and she doesn’t have the schedule for it yet! Please phone back in the new year and she hung up on me.

I was a bit ticked off to say the least, so I dialled the number again only to be told that I will go on the wait list for February. This time I was more assertive and told her that I received three invitations by email to get my booster shot, and that I’m not going to be on a wait list as I was a person over 75 with diabetes.

That did it! After verifying that I did receive a notice I quickly received a date to come. Phew!

On a lighter note; my husband and I would like to thank the neighbour who cleaned our driveway and sidewalk after last night’s snowfall. We are so happy to have you, as this pack of snow was too much for us to handle. Bless you!

Judy van der Boom

Mill Bay