Letter: Ukrainians are real freedom fighters

Please reflect upon these questions before telling me you are a freedom fighter

Ukrainians are real freedom fighters

I would like to ask the freedom convoy drivers and supporters a few questions:

Are your homes, hospitals, schools and factories being shelled and destroyed by an invading army?

Are you living in a metro station, basement or whatever makeshift bomb shelter is nearby?

Are your children and your elderly being put on whatever bus or train they are allowed to board? Or walking miles and miles to try and get away to a safe place while you stay behind to defend your country with whatever weapon you can find?

Are your nuclear power plants at risk of becoming collateral damage in a war you didn’t want and that may cause devastation to an entire continent and beyond?

If, as I suspect, the answer to the above questions is “no” then I suggest you quietly go home (perhaps after apologizing to all those people over whose rights you have been riding roughshod) and contemplate my final questions:

Which is worse?

Wearing a mask which might muffle your voice a little bit or having your voice silenced forever by an invading army?

A life-protecting vaccination shot in your arm or a bullet through your heart?

Please reflect upon these questions before telling me you are a freedom fighter. The real freedom fighters are the Ukrainians standing up to the invading Russian army. That is freedom worth fighting for.

Elaine Forestell

Mill Bay