Letter: Using rodenticide poisons a thoughtless action

My neighbour lost a dog, someone lost a cat, another neighbour lost a dog

Using rodenticide poisons a thoughtless action

Re: “Ban on rat poisons good idea”, (Citizen, June 3)

There are many alternatives to putting out poisons. I have read the article from the June 3 paper and agree without question they are doing it right so far. I am of the opinion rather than have the stores that sell the products ask “only” if you have used it and/or read the instructions for use they should require a proof of identification, and an address and phone number for a contact if needed.

Why, one would ask? Here’s an example. Rats or mice forage and eat the poisons, some of which make them search for water. Once they drink, they die from the mixture of both. This means they may go away from the person’s property who baited them. I used to live over near Sitka Way in Cobble Hill and watched as a small outbuilding was demolished on a neighbour’s property. Some time later I watched as a dog on another neighbour’s property ate a rat (watched the legs and tail vanish as I was walking by). A few weeks or week later the animal, the children’s pet, was gone. I asked questions, and was told the animal died and the vet didn’t know what had happened and thought it was cancer. It was obvious the rodents went from the outbuilding to the home and well, the result was put out poison.

Now being over at Shawnigan, a year ago, someone had to have done the same thing, not thinking about the people and their pets who live around them. No matter what your problem is poisons put out in a subdivision or community area is a thoughtless action. My neighbour lost a dog, someone lost a cat, another neighbour lost a dog, cancer not likely due to proximity. Dead animals in ditches etc. attract vultures and domestic pets and the poison spreads.

In my area people have chickens and pigs and other animals. Nothing wrong with that BUT they should be educated even before they start raising them as to what impact it will have on the surrounding areas. The animals are a draw for predators, cougars, bears, racoons, owls, hawks, as well as rodents, cats and dogs too.

People need to be educated. There are other ways you can properly practice pest control.

Don Richardson

Shawnigan Lake