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Letter: Walkway along the highway a waste

This has to be the most ridiculous idea for spending money

Walkway along the highway a waste

[Duncan] mayor and councillors:

I would like to draw your attention to an issue that impacts where we live. That being the proposed additional walkway in front of the Riverstone Condominium whose address is 540 Al Wilson Grove here in Duncan.

I read with interest the matter concerning cracked sidewalks in downtown Duncan being dealt with by painting the cracks in order to prevent trips and falls. It seems rather hypocritical, failing to spend money to repair existing sidewalks while planning a separate walkway, sidewalk or otherwise beside an already existing sidewalk along Highway 1. I also understand the second walkway along the highway is proposed to extend all the way to Trunk Road.

This has to be the most ridiculous idea for spending money. Beyond our facility there are various ground levels requiring much fill, compacting and retaining walls to build. A cost that is completely unnecessary.

I know some gas tax money is proposed to be used for this project but this too makes no sense since our gas prices are exorbitant. We should see gas taxes reduced and therefore the price of fuel reduced rather than spending these funds on projects like this. Common sense needs to prevail here, not unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars.

This council should be ashamed of themselves for such a foolish proposal. Stop it now before it’s too late. To make matters worse trees and planted areas will be removed.

Jack Peake