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Letter: We must change to survive

Water shortages all down the west coast of North America

We must change to survive

If you don’t think the human race is on the cusp of survival, you obviously have your head in the sand.

Look around, water shortages threatening many British Columbia communities which had no previous history of such events. Record temperatures day after day on top months with little rainfall. Salmon dying while trying to spawn in dried up creeks. No forage for cattle and many other grazers. Water shortages all down the west coast of North America prompting officials in California to limit water allocation to crop producers while idiotic places like Las Vegas continue to survive in the middle of a desert. This is insanity what are people going to eat?

We keep hearing from many politicians about how we are going to have to adapt to climate changes. The changes are happening faster than we can adapt to them and this will most likely continue. Why aren’t we putting our energies and planning into human behavioural change to reduce or minimize climate change? You tell me. If you have younger children or grandchildren, think about how your selfish wastefulness will affect their future lives.

Mike Wilkinson