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Letter: We need less taxation

Where in the heck are their brains?

We need less taxation

Some days you wish the politicians would “fill in the blank”. Today I got my property tax notice. It’s gone up $1,000 in three years…what do I have to show for it? The threat of more – due to a group of people who think we want to change how garbage/refuse/household waste is handled in the area!

Right before I received, this piece of paper, fuel to run my car went up to 188.9. Where in the heck are their brains? One must have noticed that B.C. has a gas tax that keeps going up and up and up, regardless of the federal Liberals and their idea of fiscal management insanity, rising as well.

Apparently we are slaves, serfs, to be milked at any opportunity to keep us from getting ahead in our menial lives. Adding to the insanity is the circle of fear. What’s that? Tax us, prices go up, everyone complains about it and then the minimum wage has to go up…and the circle repeats itself. This has happened many times over the decades. The cause most notably is, yes, you guessed it, politicians. Now they are suggesting we add the climate threat to this mix and you have a larger circle of craziness, but the result is the same.

Older people have seen this before (history repeating itself); the young ones have no idea because they have been conveniently been left out of the educational loop and experience this as a normal circumstance. It can be stopped. Why is the birth rate so low? Because of taxation. We don’t need immigration, we need less taxation, then the birth rate will rise. I think all the politicians went to clown college in past lives.

Don Richardson,

Shawnigan lake